3 Reasons You Should Be Using Asset Labels

Whilst the appeal and advantages of asset labels are clear to see for large businesses, many small and medium sized businesses might be confused as to the advantages of using them. After all, aren’t there better things to spend money on?

However, here at Peterlynn4Labels, we feel that asset labels are a key element for businesses both large and small, so here’s a quick list of 3 reasons why you should be using them.

3 Reasons Your Business Should Be Using Asset Labels

1. It Helps You To Keep Track Of Moving Assets
With asset labels, you can incorporate barcodes into the labelling; this provides you with a fantastic way to collect information via an electronic inventory. This means you don’t need to waste paper, so if you have portable devices in your business such as laptops or company mobile phones, you’ll be able to keep track of these items as they move, and if anything goes missing or is damaged, you’ll be able to quickly repair/replace the item.
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2. Keep The Environment Streamlined
In a business it’s important to maintain a streamlined working environment. After all, even the small things can have an impact on your bottom line. Just think, if a member of staff needs to use a piece of equipment but it’s currently missing, it could take hours to find that item, which will not only cause a drop in workplace productivity regarding the employee who needs the equipment, but it will also force employees to deviate from their current tasks to help find this item, resulting in even worse drops in productivity.

So, in order to have a well organised and streamlined environment, you’ll need a way of tracking items and making sure that nothing is lost/misplaced or damaged without those being made aware of it.

3. Don’t Get Behind On Maintenance
In addition to ensuring that the workplace environment is streamlined and keeping track of assets, asset labels are also a fantastic way to help your business keep on top of maintenance.

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After all, if everything is kept in paper form, it’s really easy to lose track of different types of documentation, however if you use asset labels with barcodes, you can store all this data digitally on a database, with all the information you need available at a quick scan of a barcode. This means that maintenance and testing dates are much easier to keep track of, because instead of needing to look through logs, all that information will be available using your preferred choice of asset management software.

How Can PeterLynn4Labels Help Your Business?

Choosing the correct label is exceptionally important to your product’s packaging. However, it is also important that you choose the correct business to provide your product’s labelling.

We can print asset and barcode labels on a diverse selection of materials ranging from paper to high performance tamper evident and security materials. These labels can be made to any size, pre-printed with your product’s artwork if required, and then barcodes and serial number, as well as any other variable data can be added.

Additionally, we can produce almost any printed barcode sticker type, from Code 39 barcode labels, UPC barcodes, EAN barcode labels, ISSN, ISBN and ITF barcodes as well as 2D barcode stickers such as Data Matrix code labels and QR code labels.

Thanks to our vast knowledge and experience, our team are able to produce stunning looking labels on a wide array of different materials; helping your brand stand out from the competition, whilst also informing and reassuring your customers that they are investing in a high quality product. Also, by choosing printed labelled from PeterLynn4Labels, you’re choosing an environmentally responsible label printing solution. We achieved an accreditation for recycling all our label waste material using the Prismm Environmental waste management scheme and we have also achieved both ISO9001 and ISO14001 approval.

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