Asset Tagging And Property Identification

Used by companies, educational establishments, governmental organisations or any other type of private or public institution imaginable, asset ID labels are a highly valuable tool to protect, track, and identify items/products.

What Is An Asset Label?

Also known as asset tags, these special labels are typically made of anodized aluminium or laminated polyester. They allow for the implementation of asset tracking, which“refers to the method of tracking physical assets, “either by scanning barcode labels attached to the assets or by using tags using GPS, BLE or RFID”

What Can Asset Labels Be Used For?

  • Identify Equipment That Belongs To You/Your Organisation. If you have members of staff that take equipment away from your organisation to complete work at off-site locations such as working from home or flexible working systems, asset labels can provide you with a great opportunity to keep track of all of these items, especially when paired with equipment check out software.

In addition to keeping track of items that have been taken off premises by staff, this also provides you with a powerful anti-theft protection system. In addition to the deterrent of a clearly visible “Property of ‘business’ sticker”the asset label will also be able to allow you to identify it if it is returned. However, before you start labelling everything with names and codes,consider the theft risk implications, for example a hard drive full of sensitive information should be labelled carefully as not to attract the attention of would be thieves.

  • Asset Management Systems. Items that are moved frequently, such as things used by people outside the company or used by staff during flexible working are ideal candidates for asset labelling. However, don’t limit the labels to the items of equipment themselves. After all it makes sense to label both the laptop and the laptop bag, that way you can assign a specific bag to the laptop, ensuring that the appropriate charger and accessories are contained within the laptop bag before the equipment is loaned and before the equipment is returned.

Although, it’s not just the movable assets in your asset management systems that can benefit from asset labelling, there can also be many advantages to using asset tags on fixed assets. Using the above example of the laptop, the place the laptop and its accessories are stored when the product is not rented out could be given a unique tag, enabling people to quickly check where the product is in the event that it is late for a scheduled return. Also with regards to immovable equipment or equipment that is difficult to move, asset labelling can provide a simple and easy to use solution to store information such as inspection, maintenance, and repairs details.

  • Keep Up with Maintenance. Using asset tags and asset management software is a great way to help keep your business streamlined and ensure that maintenance is carried out at regular and appropriate intervals.

For example, if you didn’t use asset tags and management software, instead relying on paper notes and documentation, it’s much easier to lose track of different documents and reports detailing when different items of equipment need to have scheduled maintenance. However, if you store this information digitally, all the information you need available at a quick scan of a barcode. This means that instead of spending hours searching through different logs, all the data you need is easily and quickly available, all thanks to asset labels and asset management software.

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