Beer Labels For Bottles And Cans, How Do They Differ From Other Labelling Products?

In recent years Craft Beer has seen a surge in popularity, so it’s more important than ever that breweries give their product every possible advantage it has to stand out from the crowd. Perhaps your beer labels could be your brew’s secret weapon; moving art from canvas to can. After all, according to a study from DSM,a global specialist in Nutrition, Health & Sustainable Living who surveyed a group of 18-30 year olds, “beer labels trigger 60% of this group to make a purchase”.

Beer Labels For Bottles And Cans, How Do They Differ From Other Labelling Products?

Whilst some aspects of label design are universal, there are specific things that must be considered for different types of products. For example, when designing your beer labels, it’s important that you consider the following:

  • Your Target Audience. From stouts to porters, from pilsner to IPA, there are lots of different types of beer to choose from. Just like your company and your beer, your customers and target audience are unique, so you need to make sure that your label artwork is tailor made to your unique target audience.With such massive competition from other craft breweries it’s more important than ever that your beer labels stand out from the rest. Your labelling is a great opportunity to showcase what makes your beer unique, you have an opportunity to tell a story and communicate a clear message to potential customers through your label’s artwork. For example, if you’re a fun loving business, you could include a cartoon mascot, if you’re a family business,perhaps a family crest.
  • Your Labels Need To Withstand Cold Temperatures. For many beer drinkers, there’s nothing better on a warm or stressful day and a refreshing glass of cold beer. So in order to provide this delicious beer experience to your customers, your beer bottles or cans need to be designed it withstand refrigeration, which also means that your label has to as well.

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Here at Peterlynn4Labels, we are able to produce full-colour custom beer labels using superb-quality materials that make use of special ‘wet strength’self-adhesive labels, specifically developed for beer labelling applications.Our beer bottle and beer can labels can be printed on a diverse range of materials, including the full Manter Beer, Wine and Spirit collection which includes superb quality materials to give your brew an edge against the competition and stand out from the rest.

  • Your Product Is Alcoholic. As beer is an alcoholic product, there are strict rules and regulations that you must follow with regards to your labelling and information that must be included on the label.

For example, it is not sufficient to simply inform the potential customer that your product is alcoholic, you need to clearly display the number of UK units in the container of alcohol,also listing the recommended safe drinking guidelines,which are a max of 3-4 daily units for men, and a max of 2-3 for women.Additionally, you must also include a warning for pregnant women about the dangers of consuming alcohol whilst pregnant; this can be in the form of either a written statement or a logo.

Whilst not legally required, there are also other items of information you can include, such as a message asking your customers to drink responsibly alongside information such as the Drinkaware website or the Drinkaware logo.

  • You Need Variable Product Data. Similar to other consumable products, you need to utilise variable product data in order to provide customers with important information such as the ‘best before date’ or ‘sell by date’ on your beer bottles and cans.

This is often done using a technique known as thermal transfer which is technology that was first introduced to the world during the early ’80’s. This is done by melting wax or resin based ‘ink’ which is known as a ribbon so that it sticks and stays glued to the product once applied. The final result is an easy to read item of text that doesn’t affect the original artwork, making it the ideal choice for variable product data such as ‘best before dates’ or ‘sell by dates’.

  • Your Labels Isn’t “Just A Label”, It’s Artwork. When designing a label for craft ales, beers, or other alcoholic products, it’s important to remember that your label design isn’t “just a label”, it’s a piece of artwork that customers will use to identify your brand and your brew. When people think of Foster’s they think of the large bold F, when they think of Carlsberg, they think of that eye-catching cursive font.

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Your label design and artwork is your opportunity to quickly and simply send a message to your customers. For example, the iconic Wilson Peak in Colorado on a bottle of Coors Light providing a visual representation of their slogan, “as cold as the Rockies”, or Eddie the mascot from the classic album artwork on Trooper Ale, beer developed by Robinsons Brewery with help from Bruce Dickinson, lead vocalist of world famous British band Iron Maiden, from which this award-winning premium British beer takes its name.

So Why PeterLynn? What Makes Our Team The Ideal Beer Label Choice?

Firstly, we have decades of experience providing custom printed labels. Additionally, our drive and passion for the industry keep ahead of the curve of the latest technological advancements; resulting in superb customer service and client care.

However, our team don’t just provide printing services. Our highly experience label design team can also provide advice with regards to label design. For example, if you would like to learn more about creating eye-catching beer labels, we highly recommend you visit our blog and read about the art of designing craft beer labels.

Digitally Printed Beer Labels From The Label Printing Experts At PeterLynn4Labels

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