Boost Sales & Add Festive Fun with Holiday Inspired Beer Labels

Craft beer has recently seen a surge in popularity and with this increased demand comes increased competition on the shelves.

It’s now more important than ever that craft brewers do everything they can to stand out to potential customers, particularly around the festive season.

By switching to festive themed or personalised beer labels, you’ll be able to leverage the holiday period as a useful marketing tool. Through a novel take on your regular labels, it’s often more likely to be gifted, boosting sales and giving relevance to your brand at a time when top of mind awareness is crucial.

Want to know the best part? Switching up the aesthetic of your regular labels to incorporate festive elements such as Christmas trees, holly or jinglebells, is easier than ever with PeterLynn’s digital printing solutions.

In this article, we have broken down our top five festive labelling tips to benefit your brand this holiday season.

1- Use Some Festive Art

With digital printing technology; you no longer need to worry about expensive set up costs associated with printing plates.You can print a short run of labels at a cost-effective price; making it the ideal method for small and seasonal batches. By leveraging festive art, you seize the unique opportunity for small craft brewers to underscore local relevance and feel like an altogether more thoughtful and appropriate gift.
Feel free to add a line like “Limited Edition” or “Holiday Exclusive” to support the notion that it is specific to the time of year, and a more desirable gifting choice.
To help take the stress out of making changes to your labels, the PeterLynn team would be happy to give you a free sample of what a festive label could look like. We’d love nothing more than to be able to surprise and delight many a beer lover when they find a festive themed six pack under the Christmas tree!

2- Uplift Your Colour Scheme

Another great idea to customise your labels for the holidays is to change the colour scheme to match the season. As red and green are commonly associated with the holidays, changing your labelling to incorporate these colours will result in a more Christmas-like appearance to your labels.
Want to add a splash of gold or a metallic accent? Foiling is ideal for short runs and specialist work and adds a hint of elegance or glamour to your labelling.
Our digital printing press provides high quality 1200 DPI print and a wide variety of finishing options including varnishes, laminates, spot inks, and foiling detail. You can choose from a range of finishes including matt, gloss or clear polyester for protection against water, chemicals and abrasions. The finish of a label is a fantastic way to add additional interest and further differentiate your beer on the shelves.

3- Add A Customisable Gift Tag

If you’re looking to attract customers to purchase your beer as a gift for a loved one, you can also add a customisable gift tag to the label. All you need is a simple holiday themed gift tag image with empty space next to the words “To” and “From”. You could also choose to leave some room for an additional message. By adding a customisable gift tag, it sends a clear message to the customer that this is a product intended as a gift, which can make all the difference between someone making a purchase or walking past it.

4- Add A Short Comic For The Holidays

If you want to add a more playful angle to your labels, you can consider Including comics to your label with peel and reveal techniques. This idea could be applied specially for the holidays, using Christmas or holiday themed characters to create light hearted, entertaining and funny comic strips on the inside of your beer labels.
In fact, if your brand has a particular mascot, perhaps you could create a Christmas version of the character for these comics. Hero up the holidays with Superman Santa or the Dark Knight before Christmas.

5- Provide Tasting Notes

Whilst beer makes for fantastic Christmas gifts for beer aficionados, it can be an overwhelming purchase for those less well versed in the world of beer. As such, tasting notes could be exceptionally valuable to the purchaser and help them make a more informed decision. By including an accurate flavour description, even non craft beer drinkers can make an educated guess about what their loved ones may like.

We hope that these tips helped inspire you to get festive with your labelling. We can’t wait to see what you create!

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