Canvas On A Can, The Art Of Designing Craft Beer Labels

A lot of work does into designing a beer label. With artwork, marketing research, and lots more to consider, one could describe the process as ‘canvas on a can’. So if you need help with your product’s beer labels get in touch with PeterLynn4Labels, with over 25 years of label manufacturing experience we’re a leading UK provider of custom printed labels.

Designing Beer Labels

There’s a lot to think about whilst designing labels for your craft beer bottles and cans, so make sure that you consider these four points.

  1. Think Carefully About Artwork
    One of the important roles a label plays is advertising. You beer bottle label needs to catch the attention of potential customers and persuade them to make a purchase.When you think about your target audience, it’s important to remember that yes whilst people share many similarities and as such tend to gravitate towards groups and labels, we are still individuals, so whilst some generalisations are very useful for marketing and designing artwork for labels, it is essential that you avoid stereotypes. Whilst some success can be found with the use of stereotypes, especially when using them for parody, it’s still risky as your use of stereotypes could result in your label/artwork offending the audience you’re seeking to attract.

    Think about the locations in which you want to market your product and design it to appeal in those locations. For example, for a craft beer in a sports bar,you could use sports iconography, or perhaps obtain endorsements from famous sports personalities.

    Another thing to consider when designing your label and your artwork is information. Your label and its artwork need to inform a potential customer.Taking the previous example of a sports bar, a new customer will be interested in knowing what ale exactly your product is. Is it American pale ale, an IPA,or perhaps a porter? Whilst returning customers will recognise your label and know what flavour to expert, those new to your product will need to have an idea of how your ale tastes before they purchase. After all, ale is a very diverse marketplace; some people may prefer heavy imperial stouts with deep malty flavours, whereas others may be searching for blonde ales with fruity aromas.As such, you want to make sure that your label clearly informs the customer about your product so they can make an informed purchase.

    On the other hand you could decide to choose little to no artwork and opt for a more minimalistic ‘no label look design’. If this style would be better suited to your product, our label printing experts can provide clear stickers allowing your product to speak for itself (polypropylene labels).IMG 88872

  2. The Legal Requirements
    As craft beer is an alcoholic product, there are strict rules and regulations you must follow with regards to your labelling. It’s not sufficient to simply inform the potential customer that your product is alcoholic, you need to clearly display the number of UK units in the container of alcohol, also listing therecommended safe drinking guidelines, which are a max of 3-4 daily units for men, and a max of 2-3 for women. Finally you should also include either a written statement or a logo that warns pregnant women about the dangers of consuming alcohol whilst pregnant. 
  3. Choose The Right Material
    In addition to choosing your design and making sure that you include all legally required information, you also need to take care with regards to what printing material you choose.Depending on the ale stored inside the bottle, your product may need to be refrigerated. So if your bottle is going to be stored in damp and cold environments for longer periods of time, it’s important that your label can cope with the conditions it is exposed to. For example, our custombeer labels are made using superb-quality materials that make use of special ‘wet strength’ self-adhesive labels,specifically developed for beer bottle labelling applications.

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  4. Digital Or Ink Labels?
    When deciding on your beer bottle labels, you’ll also need to decide what label printing method you will use, for example digitally printed labels, or flexi (ink) printed labels. One of the advantages of using digital label printing technology is that due to the lack of setup, they’re great value for short runs. On the other hand you could choose flexographic ink printed labels, which if you are looking for very high volumes of beer labels could be the more cost-effective option.Our digital printing press can also provide high quality 1200dpi print and finishing options including, varnishes, laminates, spot inks, and foiling detail. This means that you can create beautiful and eye-catching labels designed to attract the attention of potential customers and persuade them to purchase your product. However, if digitally printed labels do not interest you, our team can also provide flexi (ink) printed labels. This style has advantages of its own including the ability to varnish the label for protection, printing in up to 8 colours, and the ability to print on the reverse side of the material to allow for extra information.

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