Digitally Printed Peel And Reveal Labels

Peterlynn’s latest investment now allows us to offer an extensive range of peel and reveal labels, otherwise known as booklet labels. Making best use of digital printing technology means that even short runs are now feasible with low setup costs and fast lead times from order to delivery.

Our capability includes, 2 3 or even 5 printed sides, and we offer a range of materials from paper to super thin plastic materials, ideal for labelling small objects.

Peel and Reveal labels are an excellent way of fitting lots of information in a small space; ideal for multilingual labels, safety and warning information, or cooking or usage instructions.

Applications include food labelling, eliquid or e-cigarette labels, chemical labels, as well as of course the labels for the health, beauty and cosmetics industry who find booklet labels essential for incorporating ingredients information on very small packaging.

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