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Here at PeterLynn4Labels we can use many different labelling techniques and in order to create eye-catching beer labels to help your products stand out on the shelf. So if you’re looking for the ideal label design for your beer cans or bottles get in touch with our team of label printing experts and make an enquiry today.

Beer Label Inspiration

When considering your beer label designs, it can be very helpful to look at the labels of other successful businesses and their beer cans and bottles. However, when looking for inspiration don’t just focus on what’s successful, it’s important to consider the message you want to convey through your product’s label.

  1. Fun Loving & Exciting
    If you’re aiming for a label that explains how fun loving your business is, you’ll need label design that shows how you beer clearly belongs at a party, so some great inspiration forbeer labels can be found with Brucuta and their inclusion of a dancing werewolf on their labels. The design and artwork chosen by Brucuta clearly demonstrates the fun-loving nature of the business and the bottles deliver the message that their beer is the ideal choice for the individual who wants to party with great tasting beer.
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  2. Environmental Friendliness
    With label design and printing, one of the key aspects is printing a label onto paper or plastic that can then be stuck onto the beer bottle or beer can. However, for those looking to minimise their environmental impact, the brandRussell Brewing Co’s Angry Scotch Ale has a great label for inspiration. Instead of printing their artwork and information onto a label, they printed directly onto their beer bottle. After all, why go for the ‘no label look’ when you can just use the bottle itself as the label?This not only allows you to minimise the usage of plastics and papers in the construction of labels, but it also has the added benefit of making your label much more eye-catching, especially if you do as Russell Brewing Co did and use a dark beer bottle with brightly coloured text.
  3. Family Values
    If your craft beer brewery is a family business, this information can be a very powerful marketing tool, as many people enjoy purchasing from local and family businesses, some in fact actively search them out. As such, it can be very beneficial if your business clearly displays this information on your beer labels. Not only could images such as a family crest, or pictures of family members throughout the generations provide this information to potential customers, but it could also help your customers feel more connected to your business and your beer. Not only could this inspire a purchase, it could help create loyal repeat customers.
  4. Cultural Heritage / Techniques
    Many countries and cultures around the world have well known beer brands that are associated with them. For example, when you think Australian beer brands such as Fosters, Carlton Draft, or Victoria Bitter immediately come to mind. So, if you want your craft beer bottles to shine brightly through the crowd of well known names, you’ll need the help of a quality beer label.By using iconography and imagery associated with a particular culture or nation, you’ll clearly demonstrate to shoppers the cultural significance of your brew. For example, if your beer uses traditional techniques from the Bavarian region of Germany, including imagery of traditional Bavarian dress would be a quick and clear way to communicate this to potential customers.
  5. Co-operation With Another Brand
    Your label artwork is also a great opportunity to showcase a collaboration or co-operation with another brand. For example, the popular British band Iron Maiden teamed up with Robinsons Brewery to makeTrooper Ale. However, the band Iron Maiden didn’t just lend the name of one of their popular songs to the ale in question; the ale’s artwork also included Eddie, their mascot from the classic album artwork, which makes it immediately eye-catching and instantly recognisable to any fans of the world-famous British band.

The PeterLynn Label Printing Services For Beer Labels

Our beer bottle and beer can labels are produced in full-colour using superb quality materials, including special ‘wet strength’ self-adhesive labels which are specifically developed for beer labelling applications. For example, you can choose materials such as the full Manter Beer, Wine and Spirit collection, giving your beer an edge against the competition.

If you would like to learn more information about label printing or label design, we recommend that you visit the PeterLynn4Labels blog. For example, you could learn about the many harsh environments that labels can be specialised to withstand, such as cryogenic storage by reading our blog about labelling in the healthcare, biomedical, laboratory, and scientific world. However, if you’re looking for more information with regards to beer labels and label design for other alcoholic products, we recommend the following two blogs, “art of designing craft beer labels” and “how do they differ from other labelling products?“.

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