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The move away from plastic packaging, together with the successful utilisation of more recyclable plastic is now a reality, thanks to the new ‘Plastic Packaging Tax’ which recently came into effect.

To manage increased costs and to ensure compliance with the law, businesses need to pay close attention to the rules of the Tax, and their business implications – chief of which includes additional record keeping as outlined by the government here.

To read more about what the tax is and what it may mean for you, check out our earlier article What the new Plastic Packaging Tax Means for Businesses.

At PeterLynn, we understand the importance of staying at the cutting edge of sustainability and to offer expert advice to our customers. Just as the Plastic Packaging Tax poses a slew of considerations for customers, we know that sustainable labelling challenges are also top of mind for many businesses.

At the best of times, the endless combinations of materials, adhesives, inks and toners needed for all the different label uses out there can be exhausting – and now the regulations make these decisions even more onerous.

Our team would love to help simplify the world of sustainability and make sure that our customers have a choice of sustainable solutions at attractive price points. We have helped many customers move towards more sustainable packaging, and we would love to do the same for you!

In addition to helping our customers improve their own sustainability through world-class solutions, did you know that we run an environmentally conscious operation ourselves? We are the proud recipients of a ISO14001 (environmental management) accreditation as well as Zerolabels2Landfill accreditation!

Please get in touch here to enquire about our sustainable options. PeterLynn is an expert manufacturer of printed and plain labels serving over 1,200 customers. Since 1985 PeterLynn has fostered long term customer relationships through our hands-on approach to managing your label projects and needs.

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