Battery labels


PeterLynn offer high quality, tough performing battery labels for commercial, automotive and industrial batteries.

Battery labels must perform in tough conditions and many will be exposed to high temperatures, hot water, oils as well as noxious and corrosive chemicals. Because of this we manufacture our battery labels using high quality synthetic materials such as polyester, and laminate the print for extra protection. Adhesive is important too and must be specially formulated to handle the environmental conditions the battery may be exposed to.

We can produce both your branded battery label as well as the standard warning/caution battery labels required. Commercial and Leisure Battery labels in full colour digital print will help to promote your brand and ensure your product stands out from the crowd. Producing your commercial, industrial or leisure battery labels digitally will enable you to order multiple designs for different brands or product ranges without additional setup costs.


  • High quality digital print – no plates required!
  • Affordable for short and long runs
  • Hard wearing acid resistant label materials where required
  • Free samples for testing
  • Free press proof on first order
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