Double sided labels


Double sided labels are an excellent solution for labelling products where space is limited but a lot of information must be conveyed. Double sided labels have print on the front and back of the label. This reduces the cost because a smaller label can be applied and optimises production also.

Double sided labels are used for all products that need to have a lot of information printed on the label. Sometimes all that can fit on one side of a label is information required by the law. Manufacturers feel the need to offer a little extra information to their customers (nutritional info, recipes, coupons, promotions, etc.), and they use the back of a label do to so.

Manufacturers who have extensive experience with double sided labels often have one pre-printed side of the label with their brand name and logo on it, or any constant visual and/or textual information that doesn’t change. The other side of the label is custom printed depending on their needs and the changing information.

We produce double sided labels on a range of paper materials and can print in up to 8 colours. Just contact us for a free sample or to discuss your double sided label requirement.


  • Ink printed for perfect pantone matching
  • Affordable for short and long runs
  • “Up to 6 colours on face, and 1 colour on reverse”
  • Free samples for testing
  • Fast turnaround to meet your requirements
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