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With virtually everything that we consume now coming-packed, the importance of attractive and informative labelling on products can not be overlooked. Many of us take labels for granted; they provide us with important information about the product and many other people rely on the information presented to ensure that they don’t consume anything that they are allergic to, or for any other nutritional information.

Generally, the purpose of food labels is to:

  • Provide detailed information on the product to consumers.
  • Distinguish it from other, similar products.
  • Abide by legalities.
  • Advertise the product.

Here at PeterLynn we understand just how important the design and information contained on a food label is for both the manufacturer, as well as the consumer. This is exactly why we strive to give a high-quality reliable service that businesses can depend on, time after time. During our 30years of experience in the industry, we have seen technologies and trends change, but we are always at the forefront of these changes, always willing to help businesses to improve the look of their products. So whether you’ve got your own brand of cheese or any type of confectionery, we are able to print the type of food label that you have in mind.

The Importance of Attractive Food Labels

Aside from being able to offer information about your product, how are you going to get it seen in the first place? The food label will be the first contact that any customer has with your brand – and first impressions are crucial. Once a product has been chosen, it’s then all down to the quality of its contents to open up the customer to the idea of revisiting the brand in the future. With the biggest brands able to invest in vast marketing campaigns, smaller brands use their food labels as a tool to advertise with and as a result, much creativity is bestowed upon products.

The Benefits of Digitally Printed Labels From PeterLynn

Offering the best (and most cost-effective) way in which to make your labels attractive is by using digital label printing. Unlike traditional press printing methods (which require the changing of a plate after every print job), digital printing saves time and cost in producing labels.

The other benefits of digital printing include:

A better quality of label. Due to a larger focus able to be placed upon the design of a label, elements such as colours, images and text are able to be better-designed and made to look more attractive. Digital printers are able to print at resolutions that are around double of a traditional flexographic label, so the finished result is always clear images and text and not to mention, stunning colours.

A custom number of labels. One of the major drawbacks of flexographic printing is that there can only be a set amount of labels printed, due to the usage of plates. This often means that labels will have to be bought in bulk, in order to get value for money. With digital printing, the exact amount of labels that are needed can be ordered and it would still represent value for money.

Faster turnaround times. As thereare no plates involved in the process of printing digital food labels, there will be no need to pay for a printing plate foreach colour used on the label. The elimination of plates ultimately means thatthe time in which to set up, undertake and complete the job, can be done in amuch shorter time.

Design flexibility. Often, changesare made to labels; this could be to update the design or to add crucialinformation. With flexographic printers, plates will need to created to makethese changes, which will prove to be expensive and time-consuming. Withdigital printers, there are no plates to design or extra fees to set theprocess up – the design can simply be modified on a computer and printedstraight away.

Food Labelling By PeterLynn

We can produce high-quality foodpackaging labels that help to create the right image of your product and brand.We have full-colour digital presses that produce superb quality 1200dpi printresults, able to manage multiple sorts with no extra setup costs. We alsoproduce flexographic (ink) labels that can be printed in up to 8 colours on avariety of materials – we can recommend the best, most economical printingprocess for your food labelling project.

Our food labels can be produced for hand or machine application, oreven for you to print additional information on (using direct thermal orthermal transfer printers). If you need any advice on what suitable printers touse, our team are always happy to advise – alternatively, our digital press canbe used to include your variable data (with no extra setup costs).

The materials we use are suitable for the unique constraintsthat many food products face – including items intended to be stored in damp environments or in freezers. You can feel confident that we are able to providethe most suitable material of your unique food or beverage label product – wecan supply free samples (and proofs) for testing and approval so you can feelrest assured that you will only be paying for high-quality packaging that willallow your brand to stand out on the shelf.

From catering labels and sandwich labels to last minutepromotional labels, with over 25 years’ experience in assisting both small andlarge food manufacturers we are perfectly placed to assist with your specificfood labelling requirement. Why not consider getting in touch with us today tolearn more?

Choose PeterLynn For Your Food Label Needs

If you require more information on our food labels printing service, please do not hesitate to contact us by giving us a call on01536 400344 or drop us an e-mail at


  • Ink or digital print depending on volume
  • Affordable for short and long runs
  • Fridge and freeze resiatnt materials
  • Free samples for testing
  • Fast turnaround to meet your requirements
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