Peel and Reveal Labels


Also known as peel off stickers, peel and read labels, or booklet labels, peel and reveal labels are the ideal choice when you need more space for text or images on a place where space is limited.

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Peel And Reveal Digital Labels

Peel and reveal is a multi-page label design that providing an innovative solution to one of label design’s most irritating challenges, finding enough space on your labels.

Here at PeterLynn4Labels, we offer 2, 3, and even 5 page labels, additionally as we print our labels digitally in house, you’ll have the added benefits of a low setup cost, fast dispatch, and an all round great price; typically speaking,standard turnaround is only 5-7 working days from artwork approval.

In order to achieve such high standards of peel and reveal labels, we use in-house machinery is specifically built for peel and reveal labels. This means that we don’t have to incorporate extra layers of print on the adhesive. Our labels can be whatever printed to whatever thickness your application requires.

However, if you’re unsure what style of peel and reveal is best suited to your needs, don’t worry the PeterLynn team can help. Our team of experts will be happy to guide you to the most suitable label for your application and budget.

Uses Of Peel And Reveal Labels

Peel& Reveal Labels are ideal for a potentially endless list of applications,including but not limited to the following:

Multiple Language / Multi-Lingual. Some countries are multi-lingual and as such information on product labels must be available in all languages officially spoken in that country. This provides issues with regards to label design as you effectively need to double the amount of information provided on your label. Peel and reveal provides a great solution for this issue, as you can add multiple layers, each with a different language, providing you with much more space to inform your customers.
Cooking / Recipe Instruction. With regards to food products, cooking instructions are a very important piece of information to include, as not all customers will be aware of how long or at what temperature they should be cooking certain items of food. However, this takes up valuable space on the label. Don’t feel tempted to leave out such valuable information, cooking instructions could inspire a purchase; instead use peel and read labels to provide detailed cooking instructions to customers, empowering them with the information required to make the most out of your food products.

Ingredients Labels On Cosmetics And Beauty Products. Cosmetic and beauty products can have a diverse range of ingredients which potential buyers need to be aware of before making a purchase. There are numerous things to consider, for example are any of the ingredients allergens, or does the product contain any animal products?
Additionally, with specific regards to cosmetic and beauty products; the peel out booklet label style is ideal for providing information regarding the correct use of the product. Ensuring that your customers have a pleasant experience using the product.

Competitions Or Promotional Information. Peel out labels are the ideal place to store promotional materials for a competition. This could be in a wide range of different forms, such as a simple message saying “you have won”, with instructions on what to do next. On the other hand, you could include a QR code which takes the user to a webpage informing them if they have been successful in the competition or not.
With regards to QR codes we can provide almost any type of printed QR and barcode labels, including but not limited to: Code 128 labels, Code 39 barcode labels, UPC barcodes, EAN barcode labels, ISSN, ISBN and ITF barcodes, as well as 2D barcode stickers such as Data Matrix code labels.

E-Cigarette Ingredients And Safety Information. Electronic cigarette products such as e-liquids are required by law to include a diverse selection of different pieces of information. This means that you are somewhat restricted with regards to the space available for other items of information you may wish to include, such as information regarding the ingredients or how the product is made. However, with peel and reveal technology, you can add up to 5 additional layers of information.
Health And Safety Warnings On Health Items. There are numerous over the counter health items that people purchase on a regular basis to help with them minor illnesses and aliments. However, it is very important that customers receive the important health and safety information and warnings regarding these products.
For example, nasal decongestant sticks are commonly sold in locations including pharmacies, small local shops, and supermarkets. These products typically contain ingredients such as menthol, camphor, pine needle oil, and methyl salicylate. Including the required information and dosage of all these ingredients can take up a significant amount of space, making peel and reveal almost a necessity.

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With over 25 years of label manufacturing experience we’re a leading UK provider of custom printed labels. Thanks to our vast knowledge and experience, our team are able to produce stunning looking labels on a wide array of different materials; helping your brand stand out from the competition. We can provide cost effective label printing solutions for both long and short runs with high quality 1200d pi print using digital printing technology. So if you need a short run consisting of a few hundred labels, or if you need tens of thousands of labels, we’re confident that you’ll find both our pricing and quality of service second to none.

However,don’t just take our word for it, here’s what one of our previous clients, the Red Kite Brewing Company said about our services:

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