Social Distancing Floor Stickers

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Keep your staff and customers informed of your business’ COVID safety measures, with high-quality social distancing signs by PeterLynn. To help maintain government regulations at your business or place of work, our range of social distancing floor stickers and signs have been designed with clarity and reassurance in mind.

We can provide printed anti-slip stickers that are suited for indoor or outdoor use. They can be used on a vast array of flooring types – from hard flooring (wood, tiles, concrete, etc) to short pile carpets. As we’re a vastly experienced printer of all manner of signs, stickers and labels, you can feel rest assured that you will be receiving only the utmost quality of service; ensuring your business can run smoothly in such uncertain times.

The Need For Social Distancing Floor Stickers

Social distancing will be a way of life for us all for the foreseeable future, with the measures being steps to reduce physical interactions between people. This not only helps to reduce the transmission of viruses spreading, but it also gives confidence to staff and customers that they’ll be able to feel safe in going about their business –whether it’s in the office, shop, factory, pub, restaurant or any leisure facility; promotion of social distancing will be expected.

In terms of using social distancing stickers in certain environments, here are the ‘whys and where’s’ of their placements:

· Social distancing signs for the office – When you develop your social distancing strategy, the first thing you need to be aware of is who your audience will be and how large it is. In an office, far fewer stickers will be needed because there will likely be a limited capacity in play; most people are able to work from home, for example. Setting priority when using stickers should be for all areas in which people will be operating in (or passing through); workspaces, kitchens, reception area, entrances/exits, hallways, toilets, etc.

· Social distancing signs for shops – Social distancing signs and stickers help to provide clear information of your policies and practices; in a busy environment like a shop, it helps to keep staff safe and reduces instances of non-compliance. Stickers should be place dat all entrances and near where people are most likely to interact with staff(such as at checkout areas, fitting rooms, etc). Social distancing floor stickers can also be effectively used to manage a steady flow of customers too; guiding them through a one-way system or making them aware of the distance/position they need to queue at.

· Social distancing signs for factories – With the set-up of factories varying a lot, it’s important to look carefully at how people work, the routes they take and the level of interaction they have with others. Floor stickers can be used to mark designated areas for the relaying of items (one person ‘picks up and drops off’, before another collects); this will help to minimise close contact, whilst ensuring people are able to move around the factory. Stickers can also be used to mark working areas for individuals to operate in; again, reducing the contact they have with others.

Our Range of Social Distancing Floor Signs

If you have physical premises where your staff or customers may come into contact with one another it’s responsible to take measures to enforce social distancing. We offer a number of different options to encourage this message.

Our range of social distancing floor stickers, include:

300 mm diameter options:

“Please Keep Your Distance” –To order, quote PL001
“No Entry” – To order, quotePL002
“Please Stay 2 Meters Apart” –To order, quote PL003
“One Way Only” – To order, quote PL004

1 PeterLynn Labels Price

150mm x 1000mm options:

“Please Wait Here” – To order, quote PL005

2 PeterLynn Labels Price

Order quantities are at a minimum of 10 in total, and can be mixed with a variety of designs. Usual dispatch for our social distancing floor stickers are2-3 days.

£8.00 delivery charge, pricing excluding VAT.

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If you require more information on our social distancing floor stickers printing service, please do not hesitate to contact us by giving us a call on 01536 400344.Alternatively, you can drop us an e-mail at and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible.

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  • Suitable for Indoor foot traffic and for use on smooth hard floors and surfaces only.
  • Not suitable for forklift truck and vehicle movements.
  • PVC Removable with non-slip anti-scuff laminate.
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