Success with Asset Labelling

PeterLynn launch a range of off the shelf blank asset labels, with fixed prices for customisation to the customer’s requirement. Allowing for thermal printing in black, plus 1 extra hotfoil colour.

James Lindsay, General Manager at PeterLynn says “With a fixed cost for asset labels, and no extra charges for plates we think our new stock range will be a hit with customers. We are now able to supply as few as 100 customised asset labels, printed with serial numbers and barcodes, without the need for expensive plate or cutter costs.

Our in-house bureau printing team are experienced in printing high quality asset labels, on a wide range of specialist materials including void polyester and destructible vinyl. With blank labels available off the shelf turnaround times will be a maximum of 3-5 days, allowing us to maintain our reputation as the fastest and most flexible label manufacturer in the area.”

View our range of stock asset labels here, or request samples.

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