Take Your Beer Labels To The Next Level

Here at PeterLynn4Labels we can use many different labelling techniques and in order to create eye-catching labels to help your product stand out on the shelf. For example, using peel & reveal printing technology, we could create booklet beer labels.

Take Your Beer Labels To The Next Level

Your product’s label is your opportunity to grab the attention of a customer and explain to them exactly why they should be purchasing your product. There are lots of interesting, innovative, and imaginative things you can do to spark interest in a consumer, so don’t settle for less; talk to a labelling expert at PeterLynn4Labels and learn more about how we can unleash the full potential of your product’s label.

If you’re looking to take your beer bottle or beer can’s labelling to the next level, consider the following three ideas.

    • Use Peel & Reveal To Add A Comic Booklet

We’ve all heard about the numerous different uses for peel and reveal printing techniques such as adding competitions, instructions, or adding additional languages. However, the above only really just grazes the true potential of this fantastic label printing technique. For example, in Italy a beer known as Comic Beer includes three comic strips by acclaimed Spanish illustrator Alberto Madrigal.

However, you don’t have to hire an acclaimed illustrator to add appeal to your labels, beer and comics flow together quite well as they are both informal, simple at first glance, but with filled with deep flavour and imagery. By adding a comic to your labels using peel & reveal printing technology, you could create a fan base of collectors who enjoy reading and collecting the comics contained within your labels, whilst enjoying your delicious brew.

  • Design The Artwork And The Label With The Refrigerator In Mind

If your beer is best served chilled, then the bottles are going to be stored in a refrigerator. This means that not only do you have to consider the cold temperatures inside the fridge, but you’ll also need to consider the damp and wet environment. By ensuring that your labels are made of cold and wet strength materials, you give your product an advantage over bottles using more generic labels.

However, in order to truly take your labelling to the next level, you could design the artwork specifically for refrigerated environments. Consider the colours that will be inside a bar’s refrigerator, consider the illumination used, and choose colours that will help your beer to stand out, whilst also being easy to read and ready to recognise. After all, in a brightly lit bar fridge, a dark almost pitch-black bottle with a dark label will stand out from the rest, but as it will be difficult for people to read, they might be disincentivised from purchasing it.

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  • Tell A Story, Take Your Customer On A Journey With Booklet Beer Labels

When we crack open a bottle of beer and enjoy it’s delicious contents, we’re taken on a marvellous journey of flavour. So why not take the opportunity to use label techniques such as booklet printing to explain the story of your beer and your brewery. Just like every hero, your brew has and origin story and a booklet label is the ideal opportunity to share it with your customers, explaining why your beer is so important to you; which could lead to customers growing a personal connection to your product, inspiring not only one purchase, but many other repeat purchases later down the line.

However, take care to consider your target audience and the message you want to portray to your customers. For example, if your customer-base is fun-loving, make sure that the story is entertaining with lots of clever use of imagery. On the other hand, if your beer is made by a family business, perhaps a family crest or images of your family throughout different generations will help your customers to feel more connected to your business.

The PeterLynn Label Printing Services For Beer Labels

Firstly, we have decades of experience providing custom printed labels. Additionally, our drive and passion for the industry keep ahead of the curve of the latest technological advancements; resulting in superb customer service and client care.

Our beer bottle and beer can labels are produced in full-colour using superb quality materials, including special ‘wet strength’self-adhesive labels which are specifically developed for beer labelling applications. For example, you can choose materials such as the full Manter Beer, Wine and Spirit collection, giving your beer an edge against the competition.

Would You Like To Learn More Information About Label Printing?

If you would like to learn more information about label printing or label design, we recommend that you visit the PeterLynn4Labels blog. For example, you can learn more about creating eye-catching labels, you could learn about different label printing techniques such as booklet and peel & reveal labels, or you could learn about the many harsh environments that labels can be specialised to with stand,such as cryogenic storage by reading our blog about labelling in the healthcare, biomedical, laboratory, and scientific world.However, if you’re looking for more information with regards to beer labels and label design for other alcoholic products, we recommend the following two blogs, “art of designing craft beer labels” and “how do they differ from other labelling products?“.

Digitally Printed Beer Labels From The Label Printing Experts At PeterLynn4Labels

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