The looming label shortage and what you can do about it

Labels truly are unsung heroes when it comes to product distribution and marketing, and like most things – we only recognise their true importance when they are under threat.

As the demand for labels soars due to the ecommerce boom from the COVID-19 pandemic, the European supply chain of labels has been taking immense strain recently due to union strikes in Finland, international paper shortages, and mounting global inflation.

The combination of these factors threatens the steady production and delivery of labels,
which are needed for a wide range of industries including:

    • Food & beverage
    • Health & personal care
    • Retail & FMCG
    • Pharmaceuticals
    • Logistics & eCommerce
    • Automotive
    • Electronics

Despite extensive disruptions in the industry, PeterLynn labels have managed to maintain and, in some cases, amplify our steady supply of labels to the various companies and industries we serve. This is due to our innovative approach, multiple product options and the desire to rise to the challenge in these uncertain times in partnership with our long-standing suppliers. We have been able to pivot production of certain product lines to
mitigate disruption and continue with business as usual (or unusual!) as best we can, to
continue to deliver to the standard our client base is accustomed to.

We are committed to our clients – new and existing – who rely on us to provide a seamless, stable production of labels in order to run their businesses” underscores Andy Burton (Head of Sales) from PeterLynn. As many industries are just starting to bounce back post-pandemic, the last thing companies need are disruptions to their supply chain to curb their rebound, particularly those as far reaching as a label shortage. This is a matter felt strongly by our team who are invested in the short and long term success of our loyal customers.

This article by the SupplyChainBrain emphasises that European label groups like the British Printing Industries Federation (BPIF), and industry trade associations like Intergraf , are already highlighting the potentially severe impact on consumers to the British government.

We suggest the following approach in light of these challenges:

1. Get in touch with your label supplier as soon as possible to better understand their updated lead time

2. Where possible, be open to alternative label solutions should the production of your current labels have been affected

3. Discuss any anticipated implications on your business with your label suppliers, and scenario plan collaboratively

If the PeterLynn team can help with any of your label needs during these times please get in touch via the details below. The team are ready and able to find the right solution to help you run your business headache

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