The Many Uses Of Booklet Labels

Thanks to our in-house specifically built peel and reveal label printing machinery, the PeterLynn4Labels team can provide a diverse selection of booklet labels including those with multiple pages, ranging from two pages, to five pages. So if you need to increase the available space on your product’s labelling, look no further than the PeterLynn4Labels team, a Northamptonshire based label printing company with decades of experience.

Three Uses Of Booklet Labels

Booklet Labels can be used in many different ways, including but not limited to the following three ways:

1. Create A Competition To Promote Your Products
If you’re looking to advertise and promote interest in your products, competitions are fantastic tool at your disposal. For example, last year the well known food and coffee chain Dunkin’ Donuts’ had a promotion using peel and reveal labels on their large and extra large cups. This promotional event was named “Sip. Peel. Win.” and offered a wide range of prizes, including free coffee for a year, range of DD cards, movie tickets, and a chance of winning the grand prize with was “a pair of JetBlue Roundtrip Tickets and up to $1000 for a hotel stay at any JetBlue Vacations Destinations.”

Your competition doesn’t have to be as extravagant as the above “Sip. Peel. Win”. You don’t need very expensive prizes to attract interest, discount codes, a ‘buy one get one free voucher’, or something similar can be intriguing enough to persuade a potential customer to further investigate your product, giving your label a boost as it persuades them to purchase the item.

Another way you can use booklet labels alongside competitions is to incorporate barcodes or QR codes. With regards to using printed barcodes and QR codes, our team can provide almost any type of printed code label including but not limited to: Code 128 labels, Code 39 barcode labels, UPC barcodes, EAN barcode labels, ISSN, ISBN and ITF barcodes, as well as 2D barcode stickers such as Data Matrix code labels.

2. Provide Important Health And Safety Information

Lots of products require detailed health and safety information in order to comply with regulations. These range from healthcare, cosmetic, and supplement products, to products such as e-liquids for vaping.

With regards to cosmetic products, it’s very important to provide as much information as possible; after all some products used in the beautify industry include ingredients that are allergens, also some beauty items may include animal products in their list of ingredients, something which vegan customers should be made aware of pre-purchase.

With regards to health and safety information about products such as e-liquids, there are many different items of information that you are required to include by law. However, as an e-liquid bottle is often quite small, you’re limited with the amount of space available to you. However, by adding a booklet label with up to 5 layers, you have a plethora of space to include all the necessary information.


Finally, with regards to the healthcare products, you need to include a significantly large amount of information in the product. Some products, such as a box of Ibuprofen NSIDs painkillers can include a small physical booklet inside the box, providing all the important information to the customer. However, there are many products where this is not an option. As such, it can be very useful to incorporate the booklet into the label itself; thanks to our on-site peel and reveal technology we can provide up to 5 layers, providing more than enough room to include all the information your customers need.

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3. Provide Information In Multiple Different Languages
In many ways, the world is becoming ‘smaller’ and as more and more people join our multicultural society, it’s important for businesses to realise that English isn’t everyone’s first language. So if you want to attract customers from a diverse selection of different backgrounds, multi-lingual labelling is a great way to communicate your business’s and product’s message in the customer’s preferred language.

Also, thanks to the 5 layers available from our booklet labels, you’re not limited to a single extra language on your labels. For example, you could include the five most spoken languages in the world: Mandarin, English, Hindustani, Spanish, and Arabic.

Want To Learn More About Digital Labels?

If you would like to learn more information about digital labels, we highly recommend visiting our blog; it’s filled with information, advice, and suggestions with regards to digital labels and label design. For example, you could learn about the art of designing craft beer labels ; learning about the many things you need to consider when designing a label for a craft beer market. Another great blog to read is our list of 4 tips for creating eye-catching labels .

Digitally Printed Booklet Labels From PeterLynn4Labels

With over 25 years of label manufacturing experience we’re a leading UK provider of custom printed labels. Thanks to our Xeikon digital press, we can provide cost effective label printing solutions for both long and short runs. This is because digital printing doesn’t have the expensive setup costs associated with printing plates. Due to this lack of setup digital printing provides great value for money, alongside high quality with 1200dpi printing.

Additionally, you can also enjoy fast turnaround with the PeterLynn team. Typically speaking, standard turnaround is only 3-5 days from artwork approval. However, our team strive to provide swift labelling solutions and will always endeavour to meet your timescale, please don’t be afraid to ask if you have a more urgent request.

Thanks to our vast knowledge and experience, our team are able to produce stunning looking labels on a wide array of different materials; helping your brand stand out from the competition, whilst also informing and reassuring your customers that they are investing in a high quality product. If you would like to get in touch with a member of the PeterLynn team, simply complete the form below and submit your details for a quote. However, if you have any questions or if you would like to discuss your project with us, give us a call on 01536 400344. Our lines are open Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 4:30pm.

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