Transform Your Product With Label Design

Printed labels can quite simply transform a product. After all, it’s quite possible through the use of label design and printed labels transform a product such as bottled water which typically retails for a few pence, to a luxury product sold for £5 a bottle, or perhaps even more.

5 Label Design Tips To Transform Your Products

1. Use Embossing Technology

Embossing is a great way to add a luxury experience to your label design. Label embossing involves creating raised text of images, which is a great way to add a 3D effect to your labelling or packaging. Similar to embossing is the debossing technique, which is similar to embossing however whilst embossing creates raised text or images, debossing does the opposite, pushing the image or text into the label itself.

Both of these techniques are superb ways to enhance your customer’s experience when looking and handing your product. The three dimensional experience alongside the use of premium labelling materials will help to create a sensation of luxury as your customer holds your product. This could sensation could very well be the difference between a person purchasing your product, or purchasing a product belonging to one of your direct competitors.

2. Consider Where Your Product Is Stored

Some products sit on a shelf at room temperature, however other products like bottled water or bottled beer will require refrigeration. This means that not only do you have to consider the cold temperatures inside the fridge, but you’ll also need to consider the damp and wet environment. After all, if you want your product to come across as a superior and luxury product, a generic label isn’t enough; you need to ensure that your labels are made of cold and wet strength materials.

3. Include Multiple Languages

It’s important to remember that not everyone speaks English as a first or even second language, even when selling products solely within the United Kingdom. So if you want to make your product stand out and appeal to a wider audience, you need to do so in a language that they can understand. With booklet and peel and reveal printing technology available from PeterLynn4Labels, we can add five additional layers to your labelling, which could include translations in numerous different languages, for example; Spanish, French, Arabic, Russian, or the world’s most widely spoken language with 1.1billion speakers, Mandarin.

4. Take Customers On A Journey With Your Label Design

Returning to the topic of bottled water, you can use your label design to take your customers on a journey and elevate your product above ‘just water’. For example, look at the bottled water brands Bling H20 and Tasmanian Rain, these luxury water brands sell their bottled water for around 5$ a bottle (750ml) in the case of Tasmanian Rain and 55$ for a 750ml bottle of Bling H20. With regards to the Bling H2O bottle, the bottles are coated in frosted glass, giving a premium appeal and a tactile experience. Additionally, the Bling H2O bottles also have Swarovski crystals, further adding to the luxury experience.

If you’re looking for methods of enhancing the experience of your product’s bottles, consider using raised images or other labelling techniques that can create tactile labelling experiences. After all, tactile labels aren’t just for flammable or harmful products, they’re also a great way to enhance your customers experience when holding your product, in fact they can be great for outdoors, as the tactile labelling will allow your customer to have a better grip on your product.

5. Sparkle And Shine With Foiling Finishes

Labelling foils are a wonderful way to add an element of luxury to your labels. With beautiful foils of gold or silver, your label will sparkle and shine on the shelves, enticing a customer to pick up your product and purchase it.

Here at Peterlynn4Labels our digital printing press can also provide high quality 1200dpi print and finishing options, including foiling detail, but also other finishes such as varnishes, laminates, and spot inks.

foiled labels

Why Should You Choose PeterLynn4Labels?

Here at PeterLynn Labels, we are a leading UK provider of custom printed labels to a diverse assortment of individuals and business operations. Based in Northamptonshire since 1985, our 25 years of label manufacturing experience has provided our team with a diverse array of knowledge which they can use to provide assistance and guidance with your custom printed label requirements. So regardless of your product or your industry, our team can provide a cost effective labelling solution with a fast turnaround.

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If you would like to learn more information about label printing or label design, we recommend that you visit the PeterLynn4Labels blog. For example, you can learn more about creating eye-catching labels or on the other hand, you could learn about the many harsh environments that labels can be specialised to withstand, such as cryogenic storage by reading our blog about labelling in the healthcare, biomedical, laboratory, and scientific world.

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