Ways To Increase Customer Engagement Through Beer Labels

At PeterLynn4Labels we can use many different labelling techniques and in order to create eye-catching beer labels to help your products stand out on the shelf. After all, your product’s label is your opportunity to grab the attention of a customer and explain to them exactly why they should be purchasing your product.

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5 Ways To Increase Customer Engagement Through Beer Label Design

1. Use Eye-Catching Designs
When designing a label, it’s important to remember that your label design isn’t “just a label”, it’s a piece of artwork that customers will use to identify your brand. With regards to beer labels, when people think of Foster’s they think of the large bold F, when they think of Carlsberg, they think of that iconic cursive font.

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However, it isn’t just big brands that can benefit from eye-catching and recognisable designs. In fact, such designs could be considered essential for those in the craft beer and craft ale markets. With the rise in popularity of craft brewing, good craft beer label design is essential, according to a study from DSM, a global specialist in Nutrition, Health & Sustainable Living, “More than 45% of 18-to-30-year olds we surveyed agreed strongly that the beer they drink says a lot about them”. However, the study doesn’t end there; it also states that branding is very important as “beer labels trigger 60% of this group to make a purchase”. As such, it’s important to create an memorable design if you want to improve and increase customer engagement with your product.

Remember, your label is your business’ opportunity to showcase what makes your beer unique. With attractive craft beer labels, you have an opportunity to tell a story and communicate a clear message to potential customers. Your label design is your opportunity to reach out to this person, grab their attention, and explain to them exactly why they should choose your product.

2. Give Back To Your Customers
There are many ways in which you can give back to your customers, some of which can be included into the label design. For example, you could include coupons for special offers using peel and reveal label design, or you could use the same label technology to create booklets for customers to fill out for a competition.

Another option for those who do not want to use peel and reveal technology to create booklet labels, you could also use QR code printing technology to include a QR link to a social media page or a website which will provide the customer with the ability to fill out a form and take part in the competition.

3. In-Product Messaging
Instead of sending emails in email marketing strategies that will ultimately end up in many people’s spam folders, you could instead choose to communicate with your customers through your product itself, on the label.

There are many different ways that you can communicate with your customers via the label, after all your label design is an opportunity to communicate with your customers. For example, the brand Brucuta explain how fun-loving their business is with the inclusion of a dancing werewolf on their labels. The message is clearly delivered that their beer is the ideal choice for the individual who wants to party with great tasting beer.

4. Match Your Labelling to Your Online Presence
It’s important that the communication between your brand and your customers is cohesive. This means that your online presence should match your physical branding on your label design, so your customers will be able to enjoy a seamless brand experience as they transition between the different mediums that your brand operates in; from your physical product, to your website, social media platforms, advertisements, and more.

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5. Ensure You Choose The Correct Materials
Lagers and other craft beers are often stored in refrigerators; this means that you have to consider both the cold temperatures inside the fridge and the damp and wet environment that your beer cans will be stored in. However, it isn’t just sufficient to choose refrigerator friendly materials, you should make sure that your labels thrive in refrigerated environments.

After all they will need to catch the attention of potential customers from a bar or supermarket refrigerator. So consider the colours that will be inside a bar’s refrigerator, consider the illumination used, and choose colours that will help your beer to stand out, whilst also being easy to read and ready to recognise. After all, in a brightly lit bar fridge, a dark almost pitch-black bottle with a dark label will stand out from the rest, but as it will be difficult for people to read, they might be disincentivised from purchasing it.

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