Why Should You Choose Digitally Printed Asset Labels?

Also known as asset tags, Asset Labels come in a wide variety of different styles and can be used for numerous different things. However, what are the advantages of asset labels and why should you choose to use digital printing technology to print your business’ asset labels?

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Why Use Asset Labels?

Asset labels can be used for a wide range of different roles, when combined with asset management software, asset tags are a great way to keep activity streamlined and ensure that maintenance is carried out at regular and appropriate intervals. By using asset management software, instead of spending hours searching through different logs, all the data you need is easily and quickly available.

Another use for asset tags is to prevent theft. These labels can be given easily identifiable information that allows you to quickly identify if an item of equipment belongs to you/your organisation. This makes them a powerful form of anti-theft protection, as in addition to the deterrent of a clearly visible “Property of ‘business’ sticker” the asset label will also be able to allow you to identify it if it is returned.

You can also enjoy other benefits such as protecting your product from unauthorised transfers with tamper protection, and destructible labels. Common methods of tamper protection include things such as leaving the word “VOID” on the asset’s surface is the asset label is removed. Common methods of destructive asset labels include labels which break apart when they’re separated from the surface, preventing them from being moved in one piece.

You can make asset labels out of various different materials, including some which are designed for specific environments. For example, aluminium is a great material for harsh environments, such as outdoors. Additionally, aluminium labels are fantastic for their resistance to chemicals, abrasion, or solvents; so they’re great choices for laboratories and factory environments. On the other hand, polyester is also able to resist chemicals however the material is better suited to chemicals such as general household cleaners, oil, water, and some mild acids. As such, polyester labels are the ideal choice when you need to attach an asset label to items made from low surface energy plastics.

Why Choose Digital Printing?

Unlike press printing, a digital label printer does not need printing plates. This means that multiple different images can be printed out on the same sheet without needing to change printing plates. This enables you to print variable data on the asset labels, allowing for colour coding or barcoding. Colour coding is particularly useful, especially if you need to manage a large amount of assets. For example, two computers may look identical, however, if one is filled with more powerful hardware and is intended for more rigorous and power-consuming tasks, whereas another is less advanced and intended for administration or less power intensive tasks; the colour coding system allows for them to be easily identified from each other. The powerful computers may have a red square, whereas the less powerful computers may have a blue square.

Additionally, thanks to the swift nature of digital printing, your business can benefit from asset labels in a short time frame. After all, as a leading UK provider of custom printed labels, we understand the importance of proper asset management. That’s why our standard turnaround is only 3-5 days from artwork approval. However, we will always endeavour to meet your time scale, so if you have a more urgent request, please don’t be afraid to ask.

Why Choose PeterLynn4Labels For Your Asset Label Needs?

Thanks to our vast range of experience and our constant drive to keep ahead of the curve of the latest technological advancements, we’re able to provide not only superb quality asset labels, but also high standards of customer service and client care. With over 25 years of label manufacturing experience we’re a leading UK provider of custom printed labels. We can print asset labels on a diverse selection of materials ranging from paper to high-performance tamper evident and security materials. These labels can be made to any size, pre-printed with your product’s artwork if required, and then barcodes and serial number, as well as any other variable data can be added.

Also, with regards to barcodes, here at PeterLynn4Labels, we can produce almost any printed barcode sticker type, from Code 39 barcode labels, UPC barcodes, EAN barcode labels, ISSN, ISBN and ITF barcodes as well as 2D barcode stickers such as Data Matrix code labels and QR code labels. Additionally, with regards to variable data, we also have the ability to add serial numbers to your asset labels to allow for easy identification.

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