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Beer Labels For Bottles, Cans and Kegs

If you’re looking to create your own labels for your beer bottles, cans or kegs, PeterLynn can help you to produce stunning-looking tags for your whatever your beer labelling project entails.

We are able to produce full-colour custom beer labels using superb-quality materials that make use of special ‘wet strength’ self-adhesive labels, specifically developed for beer bottle labelling applications.

Our range of labels are available in a number of sizes and different materials, including waterproof labels, metallic labels or foil labels.

Why You Need Great-Looking Beer Labels

Great-tasting beer is the ultimate goal of any drink the brewer creates – but how can you get it tried by customers in the first place? Great-looking beer bottles labels are able to stand out amongst many tired-looking competitors whilst sat on the shelf, working as they do, to attract new custom.

If you consider too, that many small-to-medium scale breweries will not have anywhere near the same level of the marketing budget as large beer producers, using well-designed labels on high-quality materials will evoke feelings of ‘high quality and refinement’. With the beer being something that the buyer hasn’t tried before, they’ll likely be more inclined to pick it up and at least have a look at what its label has to say.

In the end, no matter how fantastic or unique your brew is, if you’re unable to attract the customer to it, creating those high-class feelings, your beer will continue to be unnoticed.

Our Beer Label Printing Service

We are able to print our beer labels on our super-fast Xeikon CX3 digital press that is ideal for short, medium or long runs. Digitally-printed labels are ideal for those who require different label designs or varieties. With digital printing, there are no additional costs in regards to its set-up or plates – this helps to keep the cost of print runs down, resulting in quicker, better and cheaper labels.

Our printing press offers a superb 1200dpi high resolution, as well as a range of finishing options that include spot colours, varnishes, laminates and the option to include additional foiling details. These finishing options can really help your beers to stand out – vital if your products will be placed onto a shelf against competitors.

A Wide Range of Beer Labelling Materials

The materials we offer for printed labels include standard and kraft materials, including the full Manter Beer, Wine and Spirit collection that includes superb quality materials that give your beer bottle the edge against the competition – doing credit to the quality of your brew.

For beer can labels, we offer a range of clear beer stickers (Polypropylene labels) that can create a stunning, ‘no label look’ for your beers. Even our ‘standard’ materials are anything but; they have been specifically chosen to offer superior print results and performance against the effects of damp bottles and the environments in which they find themselves in.

So, no matter if you’re an individual looking to place the final finishing touch to your new batch, a microbrewery in need for a few hundred labels ora big producer who requires tens of thousands of beer labels – we can help to produce your perfect labels. Even if you require batches of different shapes or sizes, designs or types, we are confident that you will find our pricing competitive, and our service of a high quality and second to none.

Free samples and press proofs

If you’re interested in learning more about the qualities of the beer labels we can produce, why not get in touch with us for a FREE sample pack of beer stickers? We can provide you with press proofs of your label design, giving you the opportunity to test the sticker on your bottles, cans or kegs before you commit yourself to a whole batch of them. This way, you can be certain that the quality of your designed beer labels will be at your desired level.

Personalised Beer Bottle, Can and Keg Labelling From PeterLynn

The standard delivery of our beer bottle labels is usually 3-5 days from artwork approval – however, if you have a tight deadline, we will always endeavour to meet your requirements. Why not get in touch with us today to learn more about our service? Our expert team will discuss your project and advise on the most suitable option for your application and budget.

You can call our friendly customer support team on 01536 400 344 or send an e-mail to them at


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