Sustainable Labels

With endless combinations of materials, adhesives, inks, toners etc. needed for all the different label uses out there, the world of sustainability can be complex and exhausting. This is a challenge that PeterLynn takes on every day as we stay at the cutting edge of sustainability and ensure that we offer expert advice to our customers.

At PeterLynn we simplify the world of sustainability and make sure that our customers get a product that performs exactly how it needs to, in the most sustainable way, and at an attractive price point.

We have helped many customers move towards more sustainable packaging, often without any increase in price, and we would love to do the same for you! Please get in touch here to enquire about our sustainable options.

In addition to helping our customers improve their sustainability, we run an environmentally conscious operation ourselves and have achieved ISO14001 (environmental management) accreditation as well as Zerolabels2Landfill accreditation.


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