Health and Beauty labels


Health and Beauty labels are challenging because of the demand for high quality print in a limited space, with a large amount of legislative text required on the label. Also, often a health and beauty range will include many different products and packaging but of course it is important to maintain a consistent look across the range.

This is where our experienced team can assist in advising on the best health and beauty labelling solution for your range and budget. Often digitally printed labels are ideal because there are no expensive tooling or setup costs for multiple designs at the same size, allowing you to keep control of cost and still achieve a high quality result.

Our health and beauty or bodycare labels can include spot colours and gold or silver foil detailing to create a premium look. With the addition of varnish and laminate options we can offer oil and water resistant options. Whether you require shampoo labels, conditioner labels, bodycare labels, body cream labels, moisturiser labels, haircare labels, hair gel labels, supplement labels, exfoliator labels, shower gel labels, bath product labels, eye cream labels, face scrub labels or any other kind of health, hair or beauty label PeterLynn have the expertise to help.


We understand the fast paced nature of the health and beauty industry and are always ready to move quickly to meet your deadlines. We hold a huge range of materials in stock and with digital printing there is no need to wait for tooling or plates meaning we can deliver fast!

Free samples and press proofs

Just ask one of our team to supply a free of charge sample pack to allow you to assess our range of health and beauty label options. When you are ready to proceed we can supply a free of charge press proof, allowing you to assess colours and test on your packaging.


  • Ink or digital print depending on volume
  • Affordable for short and long runs
  • Laminate options to protect print
  • Free samples for testing
  • Fast turnaround to meet your requirements
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