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High-Quality Pharmaceutical Labels

As pharmaceutical products are designed to provide healthbenefits to consumers, them being made from high-quality materials labelledclearly and correctly is simply vital. With this, manufacturers will be able tocommunicate the benefits of their products and gain the trust of theircustomers, creating a great brand in the process – all thanks to their pharmaceutical labels.

Here at PeterLynn, we have extensive experience inpharmaceutical label applications, ranging from blood bag labelling, test tubeand phial labels, vitamin labels, prescription labels, over the counter drugslabels, nutritional supplements and many other applications.

Based in Northamptonshire since 1985, we have grown to be aleader in the UK printed labels market. Our work has won numerous design awardsfor a variety of different industries. Our development is a direct result ofour constant drive to keep up with the latest labelling advancements andpackaging legislation – as well as our dedication and commitment to ensuringour clients receive the best customer service.

Why You Need High-Quality Pharmaceutical Labels.

With our printed pharmaceuticallabels, you will be able to access a range of benefits – from havingregional labelling varieties of the same product (different legislativeinformation for each market) right through to attractive foiling, embossing orany other finishes that create a premium look for your brand, making it standout on the shelf.

Here are some great reasons why you need high-qualitydigital labels for your pharmaceutical and medical products:

Maintains compliance. The label of a pharmacy product not only acts as a uniqueidentifier to prove authenticity, but it also ensures that the activeingredients are clearly understood. These are, of course, vital factors to getright with your labelling, as there can be no margin for error in regards toinaccurate ingredients (or their levels).

Reduces errors. Using digital labels is the easiest and quickest way to address anyinconsistencies in the labelling. This mitigates any human errors and enhancesthe label’s quality to ensure it continues to be compliant to industry standards.

Reducing costs. It goes without saying that fewer errors and a quicker turnaroundwill lead to more long-term cost savings. As digital labels can be electronicallytracked, any changes with packaging can be managed centrally within thebusiness, eliminating the need for expensive IT resources and associatedfacilities.

Helps create business growth. With a modern label management system in place,printing labels more quickly and accurately, production lines will continue toflow, leading to increased efficiency in operations. This will create ascalable platform for the business to grow from, offering their customers morechoice.

Meets future changes. As products associated with health are constantly beingreviewed, it’s far more likely that regulations will change or tighten (ratherthan stay the same or relax) as the years go by. Thanks to having digitallyprinted pharmaceutical labels, anybusiness will be in an advantageous position to address any future regulatorychanges as they happen, allowing them to continue to bring their products to amarket that improves the wellbeing of millions of people around the world.

Here at PeterLynn, our range of solutions includesanti-tamper and security labels, low-migration adhesives and inks, cryogenic applications, the inclusion of batch and expiry dates, anti-counterfeiting andmany more.

Regardless of your driving factors in searching for a newlabel supplier for your pharmaceuticallabels , we are confident that we have the right solution for you. Ourexperienced team are on hand to guide and advise you, supplying(free-of-charge) samples, extensive test data and data sheets as required.

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Choose PeterLynn For Pharmaceutical and Medical Labels.

Having over 30 years of label manufacturing experience, wehave established ourselves as a leading provider of custom labels in the UK. Throughour vast knowledge and experience, we can produce stunning-looking labels on awide array of different materials and packaging types – not only helping yourbrand to stand out but also to provide the perfect practical solution forwhatever your product is being used for.

We are able to provide cost-effective pharmaceutical labels for both long and short runs, with ahigh-quality 1200dpi print, using our digital printing technology. So,regardless if you require a short run consisting of a few hundred labels or alarge order of a couple of thousand, we are confident that you will find bothour pricing and quality of service is second-to-none.

Simply complete the form (below) and submit yourdetails for a quote, or if you’d like to discuss your particular pharmaceuticallabelling requirements in detail, our team are on hand to take your call. Speakto us on 01536 400 344 (our linesare open Monday-Friday, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm). Alternatively, you can send ane-mail to us at


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  • Affordable for short and long runs
  • Specialist pharma materials available
  • Expert advice and free samples
  • Fast turnaround to meet your requirements
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