Brews and Hues: How Holographic Labels Are Transforming Craft Beer Packaging

Born out of a passion for adventure and a dedication to crafting the freshest brews possible, Track Brewing who are based in Manchester, have quickly become a favourite amongst local beer aficionados. With its tap room boasting 20 keg lines and 3 cask lines, visitors are treated to a wide selection of beers while witnessing the production process firsthand.

Adding to the allure of Track Brewing’s offerings are their striking labels! The PeterLynn team has worked hard to bring Track Brewing’s bold designs to life providing quality labels that do their brand justice.

Track Brewing IPA

One of the highlights of this partnership has been on Track Brewing’s latest collection, the Digital Aus series. Inspired by the intricate beauty of the Great Barrier Reef, the labels feature mesmerizing gradients and patterns reminiscent of sea slugs and corals. The vibrant and eye-catching designs, printed with holographic elements gives an extra dimension to an already playful drinking experience. The interplay between design and material is nothing short of captivating, capturing the movement and vibrancy of life 

As Track Brewing continues to push the boundaries of craft beer innovation, their collaboration with PeterLynn serves as a testament to the power of creativity and collaboration in the world of packaging design. 

Thanks to our custom printing capabilities, clients have the freedom to design packaging that perfectly aligns with their brand identity and messaging.

“Whether you’re looking to enhance your product labels or add a touch of flair to your merchandise, our toolkit of options offers endless possibilities,” “Our flexible ordering options allows businesses of all sizes to take advantage of our suite of different label solutions.” – PeterLynn Labels

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