Peek into 2024 Labelling Trends with PeterLynn

This last year was full of growth, innovation and exciting developments for the PeterLynn team and we’re thinking even bigger for 2024! 

In this article, we look back on highlights from the past year and provide a sneak peek into what lies ahead!

One of the key highlights of the past year was our team’s commitment to sustainability by expanding our material range to include eco-friendly options like bio sustainable Peel and Reveal materials, comprising Forest Film, PCR paper (post-consumer recycled), and PCR polypropylene. Our team worked hard to source materials that align with our dedication to reducing environmental impact and promoting a circular economy.

A great example of our new offering is Forest Film, which is a 100% renewable alternative for plastics, which replaces fossil-based raw materials with renewable ones; so you can make positive climate actions with a truly sustainable packaging solution.

2023 also saw a surge in the popularity of distinctive finishes and we expect this trend to continue into 2024. Metallic and shimmery/holographic materials add a touch of elegance and intrigue, these  eye-catching designs are ever helpful for standing out in an increasingly competitive environment. The use of metallic foiling and textured varnishes enhanced the visual appeal of our customers’ products, with some sources pointing to our holographic gradients being the next “Big Thing”.

We also saw a boom in “retro-nostalgia” from a packaging perspective, which leveraged retro typography but in modern, trendy colours, ranging from pale and chic to downright outrageous neons. This trend is set to continue, with significant inspiration being drawn from the 70’s infused with an unmissable contemporary undercurrent.  

Looking forward to 2024 

Our customers never fail to make our day with the label designs which hit our inboxes and printers! We know that 2024 will be a  year of increased collaboration with our customers, ensuring the best possible output for the brands, products and services they entrust us with.

Having a robust and collaborative crew with  fresh perspectives, skills, and energy is really important to us. So to set the stage for the new year, we have made some key new hires, in order to deliver on our promises of first class  customer service and top quality labels. 

Thank you for being an integral part of our journey in 2023. As we venture into 2024, we are eager to build on our successes, embrace new challenges and continue providing you with the most innovative solutions. 

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