Crafting Captivating Beverage Labels: From Vodka to Kombucha

In the world of beverages, labels serve as more than just practical identifiers; they’re a gateway
to the product’s essence and a visual story to entice and inform consumers. A well-designed label makes a product stand out on crowded shelves and reflects the quality and character of what’s inside. There’s no job we take more seriously than shaping perceptions and preferences!

PeterLynn’s growth has been a result of our constant drive to keep ahead of the curve of the
latest technology in creating eye-catching labels for our customers across many industries. The
beverage industry is one of our favourites, thanks to all the creative and functional possibilities
of our digital printing technology. Whether we’re printing labels for traditional spirits like vodka and gin or ultra-trendy options like kombucha and matcha tea, there are a plethora of (1200 dpi!) solutions we love to bring to life for our customers through incredible print quality and high quality finishes and embellishments.

Crafting Captivating Beverage Labels: From Vodka to Kombucha 2

You can choose to add metallic foiling effects to create a premium-looking label and elevate the
look of your product, metallic accents and reflective foils catch the light and make products feel
more luxurious and elegant. In addition to foiling there is an endless combination of finishes
such as spot varnishes and textured finishes etc. to create individual and eye-catching labels. We offer labels on a range of materials including superb quality kraft papers, clear PP (for the
no-label look) gloss and matt pp’s, antique-style papers and many other options including an
increasing range of sustainable materials.

Digitally printed labels can functionally incorporate best-before and batch codes, or a printable
area which can be thermal printed, hand-written or stamped with production dates or other
information. Pretty and practical!

The world of beverage labels is a rich tapestry that weaves together history, culture, design, and
practicality. In addition to all the fun that can be had when contemplating designs, bear in mind
that the best labels work hard to blend aesthetics with function. In addition to good-looking
labels, our team also has heaps of experience in printing asset labels (which are great for the
efficient tracking of products, machinery and equipment) or barcode labels (which play a
crucial role in the retail process). Get in touch to discuss full colour drinks labels options on
superb quality material.

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