3 Reasons To Use Custom Asset Labels

Not sure what type of labels to use for your asset labelling needs? Should you label everything with a sequential number and keep track of it using old-faithful pen and paper? Or should you choose something more customised to your unique needs and circumstances?

Here at PeterLynn4Labels, we can provide digitally printed custom asset labels, which as their name suggests can be personalised to best serve the needs of your business/organisation. For more information or to discuss your project with us, give our team of digital label printing experts a call on 01536400344

3 Reasons To Use Custom Asset Labels

If you’re unsure if customised asset labels are the right choice for you and your business, here’s a quick list of three things to consider.

  1. Control What Information Is On The Label

When using asset labels, it’s important to consider the information provided on the label. After all, whilst it can be very useful to label everything and include lots of information to make it easy to identify different items,before you start labelling everything with names and codes, consider the risk implications, for example a hard drive full of sensitive information should be labelled carefully as not to attract the attention of would be thieves.

With custom asset labels, you could also choose to add colour coding to your asset labels. This would provide you with an additional level of information to further differentiate your asset from each other. This would be especially useful if you have many assets that look similar at first glance but are different in function, such as computers or laptops. If they’re running from the same case, two computers may look identical, however if one is filled with more powerful hardware and is intended for more rigorous and power consuming tasks, whereas another is less advanced and intended for administration or less power intensive tasks; the colour coding system allows for them to be easily identified from each other.

However, in addition to being in control of what information is included and displayed on the label, you’ll also have control regarding what materials the labels themselves are made from. This could be as simple as choosing either aluminium or polyester labels, however you could also choose more specialised materials to suit your custom needs. For example, tamper-evident asset labels which leave the word “VOID” on the asset’s surface is the asset label is removed, or destructible labels break apart when they’re separated from the surface,preventing them from being moved in one piece; thus ideal for when you want to discourage unauthorised asset transfer.

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  1. Identify Your Property At A Glance

One of the main reasons why businesses use asset labels is to identify equipment and property that belongs to your organisation; for example if you have members of staff that take equipment away from your organisation to complete work at off-site locations such as working from home or flexible working systems.

Customising the asset label will make it much easier for you to identify an item that belongs to your business. After all, instead of having to check the label looking for a “property of <name>“ written on the label, the unique customised design of the asset label will allow you to identify the asset label as one belonging to your organisation at a glance. Additionally, as the customised nature of the asset label will make it very clear who the item belongs to, it could be a very powerful form of theft prevention.

  1. Easily Integrate Your Labels With Digital Asset Software

If you would like to integrate your own asset labels with digital assetmanagement software, custom asset labels are a must. The advantages of switching from physical asset management systems such as written logs and datakept in file cabinets are significant indeed. Instead of spending hours searching through different logs, all the data you need is easily and quickly available, if you store all your maintenance information digitally through asset management software, all the information you need available at a quick scan of a barcode.

Asset Label Printing From PeterLynn4Labels

Our custom printed asset labels can be created to any size, and on many different types of materials. Should you require assistance, our expert team are available to provide advice regarding which size and material best relates to your budget. Unlike many other label manufacturers, we create pre-printed label in-house, meaning that you will work directly with the manufacturer; saving both time and cost. Additionally,for those interested in incorporating barcodes to their custom asset labels,our asset printing services also include a diverse range of barcodes types.This includes Code 39 barcode labels, UPC barcodes, EAN barcode labels, ISSN,ISBN and ITF barcodes as well as 2D barcode stickers such as Data Matrix code labels and QR codes.

We understand the importance of proper asset management,that’s why as a leading UK provider of custom printed labels, our standard turnaround is only 3-5 days from artwork approval. However, we will always endeavour to meet your time scale, so if you have a more urgent request, please don’t be afraid to ask. So if you need a fast, efficient, and experienced label Company equipped with the latest technology, coupled with a friendly and knowledgeable customer service team then you have found what you are looking for in PeterLynn.

However, if you would like to learn more information about asset labels and how they can be used within your business, we recommend reading our blogs titled, “ 3 Reasons You Should Be Using Asset Labels“, and “Asset Tagging And Property Identification“.

Digitally Printed Asset Labels From PeterLynn4Labels, The Label Printing Experts

If you would like to request a quote regarding our digitally printed asset labels, simply complete the form below and submit your details. However, if you have any questions or if you would like to discuss your project with us, give us a call on 01536 400 344. Our lines are open Monday to Friday, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.

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