Beer Label Design In 2020, What Do You Need To Know?

As a new year and a new decade begins, it’s important for businesses to consider the latest changes to industry trends with label design. With regards to the beer industry, there are some interesting changes that could have a significant impact on how you approach designing labels for beer; here’s a quick guide to help you keep up with the latest changes to beer trends.

Beer In 2020; 4 Tips To Help You Stay Current

From stouts to porters, from pilsner to IPA, trends change over time. So what has changed in the beer industry recently, what do you need to take into account when designing your new beer labels?

  1. Larger Dethroned; Pale Ale The New Top Dog

According to data from Morning Advertiser , pale ale is outselling lager, in particular Brewdog IPA has outsold Camden Helles by 12,000H. This presents great opportunities for both lager and pale ale producers. The increasing demand for pale ale is a wonderful opportunity for brewers looking to promote their pale ale beverages, so ensure that IPA or pale ale is clearly displayed on your labels so customers can read it.

However, with regards to lager, the growing demand for pale ale can be very advantageous to businesses who wish to promote their lager beverages. After all, if lots of alcoholic drinks businesses are currently focusing on the pale ales, you have a great opportunity to get ahead of the competition and make your lager labels stand out, potentially getting yourself a bigger piece of the pie from the lager drinking community.

pale ale

  1. Low Calorie Beverages For The Diet Conscious

Current trends regarding diet and wellbeing have been promoting healthy and low calorie lifestyles. When choosing their beer, just like choosing their food, many people are now checking the calorie content; after all they don’t want to work hard at the gym all week, carefully monitoring their diet, to consume way too many calories on their downtime due to a poor drinks choice.

This presents a fantastic opportunity for those producing beer and ale that’s low on the calories. By providing this information clear for customers to see on eye-catching labels for beer, you’ll be drawing the attention of the diet conscious searching for a beer that doesn’t ruin their hard work. Just look across the pond at the USA where low calorie beer is very popular. For example, there’s Bud Select 55 which only has 55 calories, or Miller Genuine Draft 64 which only has 64 calories; both of which have the number of calories clearly displayed on the logo, appealing to the low calorie audience.

  1. The Growing Trend Of Alcohol-Free

Whilst craft beers have been growing in popularity, it’s also important to recognise that a significant amount of young adults (aged 18-24) don’t drink alcoholic drinks, as such if this trend continues or grows, companies producing beer will need to adapt to survive. In fact, research from KAM Media showed that the number could be as high as 39% of young adults aged between 18 and 24 don’t drink alcohol.

At first, it may seem like such a large percentage of young adults not drinking alcoholic beverages is a major concern for the industry. However, this also presents opportunity. If you have low or no alcohol beverages in your catalogue, this could be the perfect trend for your business. By using clever label design techniques to ensure that your beer cans or bottles stand out from the rest, you can attract the attention of individuals seeking for low/no alcohol alternatives to the alcoholic beverages that the rest of their peers are enjoying.

  1. The UK Is Leaving The EU

After lots of debate and uncertainty for years, the recent general election confirmed that the United Kingdom will be leaving the European Union. This means that many laws and regulations could be open to change, either being made stricter or more lenient. As such, it is very important that you keep up to date and consult label design and printing experts to ensure that you remain compliant with any and all changes to label legislation.

For example, the current legislation regarding alcoholic products requires that the number of UK units inside your product is clearly displayed. Additionally, you also need to list the recommended safe drinking guidelines, which are a max of 3-4 daily units for men, and a max of 2-3 for women; you must also include a warning for pregnant women about the dangers of consuming alcohol whilst pregnant, which can be in the form of either a written statement or a logo. However, please remember that this could change after Brexit, so make sure that you keep updated with any and all changes.

How Can PeterLynn4Labels Help Your Brewery?

Your product’s label is your opportunity to grab the attention of a customer and explain to them exactly why they should be purchasing your product. Here at Peterlynn4Labels, we are able to produce full-colour custom beer labels using superb-quality materials that make use of special ‘wet strength’ self-adhesive labels, specifically developed for beer labelling applications. After all, in addition to attracting attention, your beer bottles or cans need to be designed it with stand refrigeration. So talk to a labelling expert at PeterLynn4Labels and learn more about how we can unleash the full potential of your product’s label.

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We have decades of experience providing custom printed labels; our drive and passion for the industry keep ahead of the curve of the latest technological advancements, resulting in superb customer service and client care. Additionally, our highly experience label design team can also provide advice with regards to label design. For example, if you would like to learn more about creating eye-catching beer labels, we highly recommend you visit our blog and read about the art of designing craft beer labels.

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