Everything you need to know about Peel & Reveal Labels 

What is a Peel & Reveal label?

It is an innovative label with multiple layers that can be peeled back to reveal more information behind the front-facing page. Perfect for displaying large amounts of information where space is limited or when multiple languages are required.  Our  Peel & Reveal labels can have up to five different pages, 2 ply with 2-3 printed pages or 3 ply with 4-5 printed pages.

When do Peel & Reveals come in handy?

They are incredibly useful when you:

  • Need to display multiple languages 
  • Have a lot of information to display, but not a lot of space
  • Want to display your logo or branding, but also have helpful text to support the use of your product 
  • Are running a special or promotion and would like to reveal a surprise/answer 
  • Have a cosmetic product and need to disclose all ingredients and allergens 
  • Need a practical way to communicate health or safety information for your product 
  • Have compliance requirements (which may even differ across countries) 

Popularised by the pharmaceutical industry, they are now being used across more and more sectors including food & beverage industry, chemical labelling and cosmetics to name a few.

We are continuously striving to improve the sustainable options we share with our customers, and  our team has tested and approved a fantastic sustainable option for peel & reveal labels. If this is an area that you may like to explore we can guide you through the various forms this could take! 

Thanks to our digital technology we have some of the fastest turnaround times in the industry and we would love to hear your campaign idea, or your vision for seasonal labels. 

Everything is done in-house and our standard turnaround time is just 5-7 working days. Rollouts are quick and you can rely only on our expertise and also our competitive pricing. 

If you’re looking to run an exciting promotion and need a way to surprise and delight your customer or a creative way to communicate a lot more information than seems possible, a Peel & Reveal label might be just the thing for your business. 

Our love of labelling runs deep and sometimes a regular label just isn’t enough for our clients’ needs. We are always looking for better ways to do things and creative solutions for business problems. Our Peel & Reveal solution is one of those “I wish I’d thought of that!” inventions which is currently #trending in our business. 

If you’d like to discuss your campaign concept and labelling requirement, our team would be happy to help. With over 25 years of label manufacturing experience we are a leading UK provider of custom-printed labels. We’d love to discuss your specific needs so please get in touch today! 

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Peel and Reveal label with multiple layers.
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