Including Information On Cosmetic Products

We understand that certain products and their packaging can be problematic due to their small size, for example cosmetic products. After all, you need to make sure that information is provided at an appropriately sized font so customers can comfortably and easily read it, but also you need to find the physical space in order to provide the information.

In these circumstances, we highly recommend the use of peel and reveal labels. Their unique design makes them ideally suited for printing large amounts of information on a small surface area.

What Information Do You Need To Include?

With regards tocosmetic and beauty products, it’s very important that you ensure that your labelling follows all the legal requirements of the country you are selling your products in. For example, in the EU the requirements are listed in the EU Cosmetic Safety Regulations EC 1223/2009, specifically Article 19. This includes, EU Address of the responsible person, Country of origin, Declared quantity of contents, Date of minimum durability, Period After Opening, Warnings, BatchCode, Function of the product, and Declaration of the ingredients.

As such, it can bevery difficult to find sufficient space to provide all of the required information on your cosmetic products. Here at PeterLynn4Labels we understand the challenges many industries face with their label design, but fortunately our team of labelling experts are on hand to help. If you’re unsure what label printing technique is best suited to your needs do not worry. Our team of experts will be happy to guide you to the most suitable label for your application and budget.

Using Peel & Reveal Labels For Cosmetic Products

There are many ways you can use peel and reveal labels with cosmetic products, but here is a short example of three ways you can use this printing technology to provide your customers with a better experience.

Add Instructions On Hour To Correctly Use The Product

The peel and reveal booklet label style a fantastic way to include lots of extra information to boost the user experience of your customer. With beauty and cosmetic products, it’s important that your customers use the product in the way that it was intended, after all misuse of products can sometimes have quite nasty side effects. For example, a type of dental cosmetic product, teeth whitening strips can cause an increased risk of tooth sensitivity if they are left on for too long or if they are used too often.

However, it isn’t just about avoiding misuse of the product. It’s important to remember that some first time users may be unsure how to properly use the cosmetic product. After all, nobody is a makeup artist on their first try, and not everyone has access to the internet or the time to watch hours of makeup tutorials, so including some simple instructions, perhaps a diagram or two could make the world of different to somebody who is just starting to wear cosmetics.

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Provide A Full And Detailed List Of Ingredients

Cosmetic and beauty products can have a diverse range of ingredients which potential buyers need to be aware of before making a purchase. After all, there are numerous things to consider; are any of the ingredients used in your products allergens? Are any of the ingredients animal products? These are all questions that need to answer through your labelling in order to provide your customers with the user experience they deserve.

Provide The Above In Different Languages

It’s important to remember that not everyone speaks English as a first or even second language, even when selling products solely within the United Kingdom. However, this becomes even more important if you would like to sell your cosmetic products to European markets as Europe is a diverse continent with many different languages, in fact some countries are multilingual and information on product labels must be available in all languages officially spoken in that country.

Peel and reveal labelling provides a great opportunity for brands, as you can add multiple layers, each with a different language, providing you with much more space to inform your customers and allowing you to provide the vital information in the language that your customer prefers. For example, you could add five additional layers to your labelling to include translations in Spanish, French, Arabic, Russian, or the world’s most widely spoken language with 1.1 billion speakers, Mandarin.

What Should You Accept From A PeterLynn4Labels Label Printing Service?

Firstly, it’s important to note that we print our labels digitally in house. This means that you’ll have the added benefits of a low setup cost, fast dispatch, and an all round great price; typically speaking, standard turnaround is only 3-5 days from artwork approval. We offer 2, 3, and even 5 page labels, using machinery that is specifically built for peel and reveal labels. This means that we don’t have to incorporate extra layers of print on the adhesive. Our labels can be whatever printed to whatever thickness your application requires.

However, if you would like to learn more information regarding peel and reveal stylel abelling solutions, we recommend our blog, The Many Uses Of Booklet Labels. Alternatively, you can browse through information regarding other aspects of label design. For example, you could visit our blog and learn about labelling in the healthcare, biomedical, laboratory, and scientific world.

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