Why adhesive label products are coming into their own in the recession

What is the first thing any Company does when things get tight? That’s right, they look to reduce costs. Of course there are many areas a business can look to trim back costs. For example they could demand cost-downs from suppliers, reduce waste, or even sadly staffing levels.

However some businesses are wisely spending time analysing their processes in order to identify major savings.

The major automotive Companies clocked on years ago that producing aluminimum VIN plates for vehicles was slow, incredidly expensive and the equipment required took up huge amounts of valuable production space. Most major vehicle manufacturers worldwide now use robust self adhesive labels for the VIN plate, giving them the flexibility to produce label at a touch of a button and a fraction of the cost.

With the huge range of high performance labelstocks on the market there are suitable materials to replace the vast majority of metal plates which can cost upwards of £1 each. Label materials are a fraction of the price, and allow you to purchase pre-printed or have the flexibility to print in-house on demand, reducing waste.

We can offer suitable synthetic label materials with powerful adhesives perfect for asset labels, rating plates or even outdoor label applications.

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