Zero to Landfill

PeterLynn are proud to announce, that in our constant drive to reduce waste, and as part of our ISO 14001 commitment we have implemented Prismm Environmental’s Zero Labels to Landfill scheme.

The objective of the Zero to Landfill scheme is to divert waste material including label matrix and setup waste away from Landfill. The scheme allows for processing, and conversion into useful fuels for other industries.

In order to achieve this we have implemented a waste sortingsystem in all areas of our production facility, making sure that we separateall materials used for job setup, and label matrix so that it can be sent toenergy recovery for conversion to a solid recovered fuel for the Cement KilnIndustry.

It’s difficult to predict right now how many tonnes of wastewill be diverted from landfill but PeterLynn are proud to be involved with thisscheme and we will definitely be reporting our numbers over the coming months!

As an ISO14001 manufacturer we have always been committed toreducing our impact on the environment, and are constantly striving for newways to reduce our waste.

If you like ourenvironmental credentials and want to discuss your next labelling project thenplease give us a call on 01536 400344. Or drop us an email to

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